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The Mac is a great tool for writers, with a plethora of software available for any kind of writing. It doesn't matter if you're a student spending long nights on your big paper, a journalist writing up your latest scoop, or a novelist furiously typing away on your next opus — there's an app for you on the Mac.

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Ulysses offers a full array of tools for writers of any kind. This app is easy to pick up and start using but offers a wide array of customization options for everything from writing to exporting. Choose to work in Markdown or create your own markup style. With Ulysses, you can also create your own writing environment with everything from background colors to fonts. When it comes time to publish, you can export your work in a variety of formats, including plain text, DOCX, and ePub. You can also publish your work to WordPress sites and Medium.

Nov 01, 2015  Storyist (Mac, $59; iOS, $14.99) is nipping at the heels of Scrivener, focusing on fiction writers with specialized tools to track the plot, settings, and characters of your novel. On the desktop.

Jan 20, 2020  Released back in 2007, it is one of the best novel writing software for Mac. It is also supported by systems running on Windows and Linux. You can now easily organize your documents and notes with the help of this content managing app. The app also offers various templates for creating screenplays, fictional, and non-fictional manuscripts. NewNovelist novel writing software breaks down the process of writing a novel into manageable chunks. What does this mean to you? It means you can stop wasting time and start writing. Remember – the faster you write your novel, the faster you can get your book published and become a published author with all the trimmings.

Your projects all sync with iCloud between Mac, iPhone, and iPad, with Dropbox support also available. The app also recently added support for Touch ID to keep your documents safe.

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A novel writing software is a software program that will help you to write your novel. No, it won’t help you with the creative thinking but would aid in the overall process of writing and organizing it. A good novel writing software would assist you in organizing the scenes &. Whether you want to write a short story for a small market, or you want to work on your next big novel on your Mac computer, you should download and start using Scrivener, the best novel-writing tool for new writing enthusiasts. The software comes with relevant formatting tools, and it helps you out your ideas together into a great story.

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'Simple but effective' is the best way to describe Byword. With this Markdown-focused writing app, you start with a blank document and just write. It's a minimalist app with only a few settings to fuss with, and Byword really only cares about getting you writing. Your documents sync between Mac, iPhone, and iPad using iCloud Drive, though you can also store them in Dropbox.

When it comes to publishing, you've got options for PDF and HTML. You can also post what you've written to blogging services such as Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger, or you could send your document to Evernote.

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iA Writer

iA Writer's gone through quite a few changes over the years. Where the previous Pro app tried to break down your writing into a flow between notes and writing and editing, the modern iA Writer focuses on having your write in plain text, with full Markdown support. That's not to say that there aren't advanced features, however, as there are quite a few. Syntax Control breaks down your writing to show you the structure, highlighting adjectives, nouns, conjunctions, and more. Link to other documents in iA Writer to combine them into a single project, or link to images or spreadsheet files to see them in iA Writer's Preview screen in a number of different templates.

Like other apps on this list, iA Writer lets you publish to blogs, in this case, WordPress and Medium. You can also export your work in Markdown, PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Word.

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Scrivener is nothing short of a full-featured suite of tools for writers. Novels, scripts, essays, research papers, it doesn't matter, because Scrivener supports all of them. Organize your ideas on digital notecards and lay them out on the corkboard to see how your work fits together. Import images, PDF and other media you've used as research to refer to it later. Keep your work segmented for easier organization and edition, while maintaining its structure with the Binder. And each part of the app can be customized to create the exact writing environment that you need. It's actually hard to encapsulate just how many options Scrivener gives you.

When you're done, compile your project into a single document, and export in formats like DOC, rich text, PDF, ePub, Kindle, and even export for other apps like Final Draft. Away from your Mac? Dymo labelwriter 450 driver download. You can also check out Scrivener for iPhone and iPad, which lets you work on your Scrivener projects no matter where you are.

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Blogo is a standout amongst our selections here because while many of these apps allow you to publish to the web, that's Blogo's explicit purpose. Open up Blogo and sign in to your WordPress, Blogger, or Medium account and start writing those hot takes. Manage everything from your post's title to its tags, preview your posts, and images. Write in Markdown or rich text, insert inline HTML and code blocks, and keep track of your writing goals. You can also perform some basic photo editing, cropping and resizing photos, and even adding effects and filters.

Free writing software for mac

While Blogo is free up front, you can subscribe to Blogo Pro for $2.99 per month (or $24.99 for a year) to get access to more advanced features. You'll be able to add as many accounts as you want, get access to the Media Search feature to easily find videos, images, GIFs, and more, and on certain accounts, you can even moderate and reply to comments.

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Macos catalina apps not notarized. Sep 03, 2019  Apps that are distributed outside of the ‌Mac App Store‌ must be notarized by Apple in order to run on the macOS Catalina operating system set to be released this fall. Sep 03, 2019  September 3, 2019. As a reminder, Mac software distributed outside the Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple in order to run on macOS Catalina. To make this transition easier and to protect users on macOS Catalina who continue to use older versions of software, we’ve adjusted the notarization prerequisites until January 2020. You can now notarize Mac software that.

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A relatively new app compared to the rest of the list, Bear might seem simple, but it offers a great deal of flexibility for handling text. It's true that Bear is good for both notes and todo checklists, but it's support for Markdown, a variety of themes, and simple organization makes it a great tool for many different kinds of writing. Add images, files, code blocks, and more to spice up your work and give it more context.

In terms of options, you've got few. Choose how to sort your documents, pick a theme, pick your font, and even control fine-grain details such as font size, line height and width, and paragraph spacing. Subscribe to Bear Pro for $1.49 per month in order to sync your documents between Bear for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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Apple's own writing app, Pages lets you create all sorts of documents. There are more than 60 templates in Pages, covering just about every kind of writing, from short essays to research papers. There are even templates for items like business cards and flyers. You can add images and shapes, layout your documents in different styles, and more. You can also secure documents with Touch ID if you have one of Apple's 2016 MacBook Pros with Touch Bar.

Pages also makes it easy to collaborate with other people. Multiple people, whether they're on macOS, iOS, or even Windows thanks to, can collaborate on a document at the same time. You can share collaborative documents publicly or with specific users, see who is in the document at any given time, and follow their cursors as they edit the project.

  • Free ($19.99 for pre-October 2014 Macs) - Download Now

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What is your writing app of choice on your Mac? Do you use one of these or something else? Let us know in the comments.

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Are you looking forward to starting your next novel? Or is it your first novel? Well whatever it is, you must get hold of a novel writing software now to ease the text organization, editing and formatting process for you. Which one to go for?


Well, no need to search any further as here we have come up with a great list of a number of best novel writing software programs that would be really handy for you.

Page Four

The software is especially designed for creative writers and novelists and comes with amazing functional features. It organizes your work the way which suits you, helps with plot outlines, character summaries, scans the work for the overused words & phrases- and would also enable you to work multiple novels simultaneously.


The software is claimed to offer distraction-free environment for writing. You will get a host of amazing text formatting features here with ribbons, toolbars, dialogs etc. You can have color-coordinated heading fonts, customized page margins & line spacing, multiple columns and the software program also helps you to draw pictures.


This is another great tool for the novelists in the sense it enables them to keep tab on the work that has been done so that they can easily connect the dots later. The world processor program breaks the manuscript into scenes & chapters so that you can have an effective track of your work.

Book Writing Software For Mac


Ulysses is one of the most sought after novel writing software programs today but it also caters to any type of writers. The software can transform the text into stunning eBooks, PDFs and Word documents- properly styled & formatted. It will even export the works into HTML format so that it can be used readily over the web.


Quite literally, the novel software is here to ensure that you are writing it right. This is a text editor software packed with synonyms, antonyms, phraseology & additionally perked with Markdown. The software boasts a robust grammar engine that will recognize the conjugated words, suggest synonyms and in short- will keep your grammar right.


StoryMill assures a distraction-free writing environ for writers and also an organized work so that you don’t get lost in midway. It can even set your writing goals everyday & will monitor it with its Progress Meter. Another great bit about this novel writing software is that it will identify the overused words in your writing.


The list would be incomplete without the mention of this professional novel writing software program. The program is equipped to save all the text documents, keeps everything organized & will also recall them as you need them suddenly to connect with your latest documents. It is available in a wide range of versions to choose from.

Novel Writing Software for Various Platforms

This is to note here today you have a versatile range of novel writing software applications for various platforms. Your chosen one should be compatible with your system’s OS as otherwise it won’t work for you. Not every such software applications would work for all operating systems as there are some software applications that only work for specific OS.

Free Windows Novel Writing Software – Focus Writer

If you are looking for a good free Windows novel writing software, FocusWriter ( would be a great thing for you. The software helps you to stay focus with your writing by removing all distractions through hiding apps, customizing the appearance of text on the screen & through keeping tab on the progress.

Free Android Novel Writing Software – JotterPad

If you are on the lookout of a standard free Android novel writing software, JotterPad would be a nice option. Made for creative writers, the software comes with neat typing interface and helps with distraction-free writing, in-built English dictionary, keyboard shortcuts, extended keyboard, phrase finding, Word & character count, undo and redo etc.

Free Mac Novel Writing Software – Jer’s Novel Writer

When you are looking for free Mac novel writing software, mention may be made of Jer’s Novel Writer . This popular word processor comes with several features to support creative writers – such as automatic outline, margin notes, separate formatting features for screen and print, bookmarks, full-screen mode, can keep tab on the story issues & ideas and so on.

Most Popular Novel Writing Software for 2016 – Scrivener

Scrivener has got everything a writer would need to structure, write & edit long documents. It allows you to easily navigate in between various sections of the manuscript easily, break the text into large or small pieces as you wish & restructure the draft simply. In simple words, it enables you to keep everything in order.

When it comes to the most popular novel writing software for 2016, Scrivener is one of the most recommended names. The powerful software stays with you from the start and will help with – outlining & structuring of ideas, storyboarding the manuscript with virtual corkboard, help with keywords and will also help with many editing functions.

What is a Novel Writing Software?

A novel writing software is a software program that will help you to write your novel. No, it won’t help you with the creative thinking but would aid in the overall process of writing and organizing it. A good novel writing software would assist you in organizing the scenes & chapters, help you with the formatting and editing tasks. Some of the most advanced ones help you to set a daily goal of writing and have even got tools to monitor your progress. Many of them assure a distraction-free environment so that you can have your 100 percent focus on writing.

How to Install Novel Writing Software

Software To Write A Novel For Mac Download

To install novel writing software, you would simply have to download it first from the download link it shows. Check out beforehand the novel writing software’s compatibility with system’s operating system before you download. Then, as you download it, you will get the installation link followed by the needed installation instructions.

Benefits of a Novel Writing Software

Writing a novel is always a huge deal. There is the pressure to think about a creative storyline, create fitting characters and sync the chapters. Apart from the creative process, you have the burden of writing it which can get really messy, especially when it’s a long novel.

But the major benefit of novel writing software is that it will work to keep your document, chapters, and scenes organized in order so that you are never lost midway while compiling a long 600-page novel. These software programs will keep track of your work, help with editing & grammar and proper formatting to ensure an aesthetically pleasing text in proper order.

Best Book Writing Software Mac

The importance of the novel writing software lies in the fact that it brings an order in your work making the entire project management way easier and simpler for you. These programs often speak of a user-friendly interface and anybody, with any level of computing knowledge can use it.

Novel Writing Software Mac

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