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Purchasing a new MacBook is much similar to buying a ticket to a land of fabulous software & apps. In addition to all the free programs offered by Apple to all the fresh Mac owners, there are some extras essential Mac apps too that help to make the most out of your Machine.

We’ve organized a list of the most useful Mac software and programs that are categorized into ten major categories, ranging from Best Mac Cleaning utility to Best Media Player & so on. Take a look at our best of bunch & let us know which of these suits the most for your needs!

Oct 18, 2019  Open the App Store app on your Mac. Click Updates in the App Store toolbar. Use the Update buttons to download and install any updates listed. When the App Store shows no more updates, the installed version of macOS and all of its apps are up to date. That includes Safari, iTunes, iBooks, Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos, and FaceTime. Jul 20, 2018  We have also discussed best apps for iOS, best apps for android devices and more. To see those lists, click on the above links. See also- 5 best travel apps for iPhone. List of top 10 tools for Mac. The app Disk Doctor is really great when you want to remove unwanted files and free up disk space from the system.


Top 10 Best Mac Apps & Utilities for 2020

We’ve trawled the software market to find the most ideal Mac utilities & apps in every major category for better productivity and efficiency. Try them now!

1. Disk Clean Pro (Best Mac Cleaner & Optimizer)

An all-in-one solution to keep your Mac machine clean & optimized for smooth performance.

Disk Clean Pro is an affordable tune-up utility to help users maintain their system for a longer time. It features dedicated modules to remove junk files along with hidden redundant files to improve response time & speed up Mac. It’s ‘One-Click Care’ works like magic to keep your machine run clutter-free.

Disk Clean Pro is an excellent Mac optimizer, packed with all the advanced features that several Mac Cleaning utilities miss. Packed with various tools like Junk Cleaner, Logs Cleaner, Crash Reports, Partial Downloads remover, Duplicate Finder, Large & Old Files Cleaner & more. Moreover, it offers a module, Internet Privacy Protector, that works efficiently to remove traces of your browsing history for best-in-class Mac security.

The best part? Disk Clean Pro is available at just $0.99, & it’s a limited time offer, so what are you waiting for? Optimize the storage space in a single scan & make the most of Mac’s disk space.

Several websites have reported Disk Clean Pro, as the #1 Mac Cleaning & Optimization Utility!

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Best Data Recovery Tool for Mac)

An advanced data recovery tool to retrieve accidentally deleted files, documents, music, videos and much more.

Losing data & important files is the kind of nightmare no one would ever want to experience. But unfortunately, it has been known to happen for a variety of reasons such as, drive failure, human error & viruses. However, the “good thing” is the availability of a Data Recovery Software that makes restoring lost files effortless.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one such data recovery service that lives up to its name, by offering easy yet effective recovery solutions that makes users task super simple. The tool not only helps in locating recently deleted files from corrupted & critical file systems, but also helps in restoring data from external storage devices such as memory sticks, USB drives etc.

There are three different versions available with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Free, Pro & Unlimited. Free edition allows you to recover data up to 200 MB. Get this Best Mac App for your system now!

3. Systweak Anti-Malware (Best Anti-Malware for Mac)

The 24/7 malware protection against your Mac.

Systweak Anti-Malware is a robust Mac security software that does a fantastic job of detecting any type of malicious content hiding in your system. Its smart algorithms understand which types of threats can put your Mac Machine at risk, and hence keep a close check that no suspicious program, malware, adware or spyware could bypass Mac’s defenses.

The antivirus software claims to have a 100% success rate for detecting dangerous malware and viruses. The lightweight application offers multiple scanning methods to make sure you have an ultimate protection against malware and other infections.

To keep your Mac safe, the antivirus software regularly updates its malware database, so that no latest suspicious threat can bypass you Mac’s security. It not only shields your Machine from online threats but also optimizes it for smooth-functioning, which probably makes it one of the best anti-virus programs in the market.

4. CyberGhost VPN Mac (Best VPN App for Mac)

A feature-rich, powerful VPN for PC with an easy-to-use interface, suitable for both novices & professionals.

CyberGhost is one of the most reliable VPN services for Mac. It boasts a really easy set-up process. In fact, all you have to do is download the VPN for your OS from the below button and launch it with one-click on your system. The VPN software boasts more than 3,700 servers across 60+ countries, including optimized servers for torrenting & other streaming services.

The VPN solution comes with a bundle of extra tools to block unnecessary ads, track malicious websites that attempts to make unauthorized access on your system and an automated HTTPS redirection that ensure most secure connection.

It’s one-month plan costs $12.99 which is a bit higher than other standard VPN services in the market. But that’s totally worthy as it supports connecting up to seven devices simultaneously.

5. Duplicate Files Fixer (Best Duplicate Files Cleaner for Mac)


An efficient, fast and easy-to-use duplicate file cleaner to get rid of identical documents, photos, videos, music and other digital media files.

Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software is an awesome duplicate cleaner that helps you reclaim chunks of occupied hard drive space, clogged with unnecessary duplicates such as Documents, Videos, Music, Photos and other files. It’s one of the Best Mac Software for both professional and novice users for finding exact and similar-looking files.

This duplicate file finder comes with a robust set of functionalities for scanning different file types in just a few moments. The Mac utility has a sleek & intuitive interface for great navigation experience. It lets you create a backup of all your duplicate files before you delete them. The application is capable of scanning external devices as well for finding duplicates.

To use this Mac software all you have to do is download it > Add files or folders containing duplicates > click the Scan button to begin sorting > Remove to clean all the duplicate files at once! Enjoy deduplicate library in three-clicks. Duplicate Files Fixer is a must have mac application to fill your bucket of Best Mac Utilities 2020.

6. Stellar Drive Clone (Best Disk Cloning App for Mac)

A robust Mac utility to help you clone & restore all the files on your hard drive, so you can always have your peace of mind.

Stellar Drive Clone is a complete suite to create a Clone or Image of your Mac hard drive. The Cloned copy can be used as a ‘read-to-use’ copy of the original hard drive. And, the Image file can be used for ‘restoring purpose’ in case any data mishap happens.

The advanced Mac cloning tool supports various types of cloning including, HFS-to-HFS, FAT-to-FAT & NTFS-to-EXFAT. Stellar Drive Clone is a must-have Mac app if you wish to clone an encrypted Mac drive and volumes as well. You can also choose to ‘Schedule’ Periodic Backup’ to create timely backups.

This amazing disk cloning service stands out for two reasons, it’s ease-of-use and high compatibility. It supports all the commonly used OS X versions including the latest MacOS Mojave. Download this app for MacBook Pro now!

7. Photos Exif Editor (Best Exif Data & Editor For Mac)

Editing photo metadata or EXIF data was never this easy. Meet Photos Exif Editor, an ultimate batch photo editing tool for your Mac.

For people unaware what EXIF Data is, it’s basically a set of data attached to every image you capture. It includes basic parameters such as date, time, location, camera settings etc. This can be immensely useful info, when you might want to examine how a particular picture is taken, what are its shutter speed or ISO. Moreover, you can certainly edit and modify those set of info using an Exif data editor.

Presenting, Photos Exif Editor a fast and easy-to-use Mac software to read, write and modify metadata of single or thousands of images in one-go. You can manually manipulate the GPS coordinates of images to change its location. Rename multiple files at once, create EXIF Presets for repeated metadata editing to speed up the process.

It’s one of the best Mac apps to view, edit and modify EXIF, IPTC & XMP metadata. The Mac software supports various common photo formats including RAW image file format.

8. Cisdem Video Player for Mac (Best Media Player on Mac)

A universal video player with an impressive set of features to play up to 5K resolution videos without any jerks or tearing.

You saw that coming, right? Talking about the Best media player and not mentioning Cisdem’s Video Player is certainly not possible. It’s one of the most popular and utilized OS X apps that comes with interactive interface to play both audio and video. The video player is known for its smooth playback assistance offering crystal clear views.

With Cisdem Video Player, you don’t require to download any Codec pack, it lets you directly play WMV, FLV, MKV, AVCHD, AVI etc. videos on your Mac Machine. Best part? Unlike other media player for Mac, Cisdem allows you to automatically load subtitle files for the movie.

Looking to convert your video files for other Apple devices? Cisdem does that too for you with an optional in-app purchase. The video player is designed to support more than 50 audio and video formats. As soon as install the app, it’s ready to go!

9. Tweak Photos (Best Batch Photos Editor for Mac)

Most popular photo editing app that lets you brighten single or thousands of photos in a few clicks.

Tweak Photos is a brilliant package featuring an attractive interface, powerful filters, plethora of customization, adjustment tools and a lot more. This OS X app is available for just $4.99 on Mac app store.

From performing basic editing like renaming, resizing, cropping, simple color fixes, format conversions to advanced editing like applying complex photo filters, watermarking, multi-layer management, Tweak Photos does all for you.

You can download this amazing photo editor for Mac to de-noise bulk images, change texture/stylize, auto-correct orientations, blur multiple images, add frames and other artistic elements to batch photos at once. And just everything to create vivid and dazzling photo collection.

10. iSkysoft PDF Editor (Best PDF File Editor for Mac)

A super-smooth Mac software for editing PDF files easily & quickly.

Ten Tool Apps To Have For Your Mac Free

iSkysoft’s PDF Editor is an ultimate solution to edit PDF documents without compromising file formatting. You can download this OS X app to get a complete suit of PDF editing tools to manipulate texts, images, links and other elements present in a PDF file.

Considered as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, you can download this Mac software for easy editing, cropping, rotating, extracting, splitting, adding watermarks, altering background colours and a lot more.

Download this free PDF File Editor to quickly edit, convert, create, merge & convert scanned PDF files with ease. Not only this, iSkysoft enables you to protect your PDF files with passwords, you can set permissions for other users to perform specific functions like editing, commenting or printing. It’s one of the best Mac app available to share your PDFs to Email, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox in one-click.

Best Mac Apps You Need To Install On Your New Machine!

The MacOS app ecosystem is certainly packed with a lot of hidden gems. All the aforementioned Mac software & utilities are great to get you started. For the least frustration and better efficiency, download these handy extras now!

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Ten Tool Apps To Have For Your Machine

Like your car, house or other expensive object, you need to keep it maintained to keep it in tip top condition. To do this you use a variety of tools to keep it maintained. Your Mac is no different. This post is about ten tools which you can download to use to keep your Apple Mac in tip, top condition. Although your Mac is pretty good at keeping itself in working order, these tools are useful in keeping your Mac running at it’s most efficient. Most of these tools can also be used to solve a variety of problems, used infrequently they can get the most our of your computer. The list is in no particular order.


One of my most useful apps at the moment, Gemini is used for finding duplicate files. Having gone through a large hard drive of all files, its amazing how many of them are duplicates and repeats. Gemini cuts through your files and finds the ones that are the same. I have reviewed Gemini previously and I recommend this app if you ever have the need of getting rid of pesky duplicates.

Drag the folder you want to scan on the big drop arrow.


On MacTricksAndTips I post many terminal tricks, to offer access to hidden and unused settings. MacPilot gets around this problem of manually doing all the work by giving you a list of hidden settings which you can alter. The easy to use interface allows you to change many settings that you previously didn’t know existed. There is a variety of different settings which you can change. A quick method to change how your mac looks and works with a simple click. With something like 1200 settings, you have plenty to change.

MacPilot allows you to change a myriad of settings.


CleanMyMac, along with Clean Genius Pro and MacCleanse, all offer the same basic features, cleaning your Mac of all of the unwanted files that seem to hang around. Coupled with Gemini you can really clean up your hard drive and get rid of all of the files that you never needs. These apps are a great way of freeing up disk space and making sure you you don’t have any files hanging around that you really don’t need.


Although you can drag and drop an app into the Trash to remove it, this method does leave behind many files which will persist on your system. I recommend a tool such as AppCleaner

A pretty drag and drop interface to get rid of those surplus files.

to remove these extra files. Instead of dragging the file to the trash, you drag it into this app and it will clean up all of the associated files that belong with your app. A great way of getting rid of apps and removing all of the left over files.


If you browse the web a lot, you will come across files that are not packaged in the normal .zip format. Some are in .rar and even other complex file compression files formats. An app recommend to me is unzipper, which can extract all of these files. The Unarchiver, is another app which has the same functionality.


Caffeine keeps people awake. Caffeine app keeps your Mac awake. The small menu bar tool allows you to keep your Mac awake and prevent it from going into sleep mode. I don’t use caffeine all that frequently however it is very useful when you don’t want your screensaver to appear and keep your mac awake.

Caffeine keeps your Mac awake and prevents it from going into sleep mode.

You can also check the “app is updated automatically”, and close the App Store app and re-launch it after a few seconds. It will display the message: “Mac app store says no updates available”. Click on Check Now after a few minutes and do either of the following to see if this fix has worked or not. Open the App Store app on your Mac. Click Updates in the App Store toolbar. Use the Update buttons to download and install any updates listed. When the App Store shows no more updates, the installed version of macOS and all of its apps are up to date. That includes Safari, iTunes, iBooks, Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos and FaceTime. For newly purchased app(s), you can check the download progress by clicking on the profile picture and looking for the app icon(s) towards the top. The apps are listed in order of purchase with most recent purchase shown on top (just like older design of the Mac App Store). Download progress is also shown on the specific app page in Mac App Store. Macos app updates not progressing. If you're having problems downloading a point update (not a complete new version) via Software Update or Mac App Store, you can use Apple's website instead. You can find the latest macOS updates. Mar 31, 2020  Apple also releases system updates that keep your Mac secure and stable. When a new major version of OS X is released, you can download the upgrade for free from the App Store. If you're using an older version of OS X, updates are handled through the Software Update utility.

Daisy Disk

I love Daisy Disk. It provides a top down view of your Mac, allowing you to see where the disk space is being used. If you find your Mac is running out of space, or you think a folder is taking up to much room, Daisy Disk is a great way of seeing where the files are being storage in a graphical, visual way. Its a quick and useful way of seeing which folders need slimming down.

Daisy Disk visually shows you where all of the files on your Mac reside.

Ten Tool Apps To Have For Your Mac Download


Ten Tool Apps To Have For Your Macbook Pro

Passwords need to be kept secure, each one also needs to be kept unique. 1Password allows you to store and generate secure passwords for the websites you use. A great way of making sure your online passwords, are long, complicated but easily retrieved.

Main Menu

Running background tasks and cleaning up your Mac features heavily on this list. One of the best tools is MainMenu, its designed to run from your menu bar and provides you with a quick way to delete caches, free up memory, clear histories and clipboard. Its an easy way to access a variety of tools and tasks from your menu bar. An app I highly recommend.

Run a variety of tasks, straight from your menu bar.


Last but by no means least is Raskin. I have previously reviewed this app. It is more than a tool, it is a way of interacting and working with your Mac. It allows you to access files and folders quickly and can significantly speed up the way you work and see files and folders on your Mac. A great tool.

Raskin allows you to interact with files in a different way

Although these are ten tools which I recommend you download, there are many out there. If you have a favourite please leave a comment.

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